The Master Ding Academy was founded by Master Ding Teah Chean, the first disciple of Grand Master Ip Tai Tak and the direct sixth-generation successor to the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan.

Master Ding, who often tells people to call him John, opened his School to preserve and promote the most authentic and profound essence of this martial art and way of life. The Yang style traditions will thus continue to be handed down as they have been from the time of its founder, Yang Lu Chan, in the mid-19th century to the present day.

Il Maestro John Ding, il Gran Maestro Ip Tai Tak e Alan Ding

It is the task of the Master Ding Academy to be faithful to the Yang lineage, perpetuating the legacy of Master Ip Tai Tak and the Yang masters who preceded him, as they have followed the founder’s teachings. Preserving the values of the tradition and lineage are fundamental to Master Ding Academy’s approach. Lineage implies responsibility for the preservation and transmission of the art in its entirety through practice and teaching. Therefore, the Master Ding Academy school follows a traditional method in its transmission of the authentic art of Tai Chi Chuan. Emphasis is placed on building strength, health, power and an understanding of internal energy and its application through the study of the principles and concepts of Yang Tai Chi Chuan.

Through several generations, Yang Tai Chi Chuan has evolved and spread throughout the world. Though today, the headquarters of the Master Ding Academy is located in London, Master Ding and his students have taken the authentic spirit of Tai Chi Chuan all over the world: The UK, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, France, Switzerland, and Italy.

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