Master Ding’s Yeung San Hei Kung is a set of 8 postures based on the technique of Zhan Zhuang. The Chinese words Yeung San, literally translated, mean “cultivation of life”. Actually, the name Yeung San Hei Kung represents a method designed to develop and “harvest” one’s vital energy: Chi. As in other types of Zhan Zhuang, this exercise involves standing postures with no obvious external movements. Simply standing still may seem easy, but in reality, the Yeung San Hei Kung method radically engages both the mind and the body.

As one begins training these postures, one will notice how stillness will begin to permeate the mind and body, allowing the practitioner to increasingly become centred and focused. One’s breathing becomes slower and deeper. With practice, the breath begins to sink in toward the diaphragm and abdomen, rather than being concentrated in the chest. This attitude effectively eliminates the use of the respiratory system’s secondary muscles, so that breathing becomes natural and relaxed and at the same time more intense.

When practising Yeung San Hei Kung, the aim is to relax every part of one’s body so that it can be freed of all tension. Once this is achieved, chi will flow freely and with it the growth process will begin. In the same manner, the mind will also relax, allowing the Intention (Yi) to permeate and centralise the Chi in the lower Tan Tien, the central energetic point of our body (3 centimetres below and behind the navel).

Practice tips:

Beginners: Start with 30-60 seconds per position.

If you have knee problems, it is preferable to not bend your legs too much.

With practice and familiarity, gradually increase the time to 5 minutes or more per position.

More experienced practitioners: when the positions are comfortable, try slowly lowering your posture by bending at the knees a little more.


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