Master Ding Teah Chean (John Ding) has vast experience in both Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan having approached these disciplines from a young age.

When very young he studied with several Shaolin Kung Fu masters, achieving a high level of skill. He then switched to the practice of Tai Chi Chuan, the discipline to which he decided to dedicate his entire life.

Sifu Ding is one of the few masters to have studied with all three disciples of Yang Sau Chung, the last Yang Family Grandmaster: Chu King Hung (third disciple), Chu Gin Soon (second disciple) and Ip Tai Tak (first disciple). His study with Yang Sau Chung’s disciples led him to be one of very few people who can demonstrate very high levels of the art of Tai Chi Chuan and the application of internal energy.

1st February 1998: on this date, Sifu Ding’s deep dedication to the study of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan led him to be acknowledged by Grand Master Ip Tai Tak as his first disciple. This recognition made him the direct line successor to the sixth generation of the Yang style: hence the lineage holder.

Ip Tai Tak

Through hard work and abnegation, Sifu Ding has promoted his federation (MDA – Master Ding Academy) throughout Europe, becoming a touchstone both as a Master of Yang Tai Chi Chuan and in life as a shining example. To spread his art as widely as possible, he has made his Tai Chi Chuan teachings available on DVDs, VHS tapes, and books. Since 1994, Sifu Ding has also published the internationally distributed quarterly Tai Chi & Alternative Health Magazine.

In 1996, he decided to make Yang Tai Chi Chuan his life’s guideline, despite holding the prestigious position of senior manager of the Local Health Authority’s Department of social services, within the U.W.S Health and social services Agency in the UK.

Sifu Ding’s charismatic application of the philosophy inherent in Yang Tai Chi Chuan, combined with his great experience, has made him capable of imparting true knowledge to his students. This awareness is reflected in their personal growth and the elevation of their will, which enables them to follow the practice of this wonderful discipline with self-denial and independence.

To this day, Sifu Ding, continues the unceasing practice and instruction of Yang Tai Chi Chuan and its full-time dissemination through his two academies in London, with special courses, retreats, seminars, private lessons of the highest quality, always supported and assisted by his qualified instructors.




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