I got to know the Master Ding Academy in Florence and Cedric through a friend, who had been practising Tai Chi for a few years and who told me that this course had changed his life.

I was inspired by the way my friend talked about it, and I was also intrigued, so I decided to take a trial lesson. Immediately, I was moved by Cedric’s passion when he talked about Tai Chi, and the great attention he paid to details in his explanations. I was also impressed by the practical demonstrations he gave of the application of Tai Chi principles and of internal energy. Yes, because for years I had practised many sports, including some combat sports, and had achieved a good level of physical strength, explosiveness, coordination, and endurance. However, I discovered a new world practising Tai Chi. One in which strength and control do not come from muscles, but from something much more subtle and profound. I also understood that if you could learn to use that something, you would achieve a completely different concept of what we usually call “strength”.

I also realised that Tai Chi requires a lot of practice, patience, and perseverance, because progress is much more gradual and subtle than in other disciplines… It takes real study. And that is how I am approaching this discipline. Two years on, I have learnt many things. My relationship with my body, with my movement and even with my breathing are changing slowly but unequivocally. I have also understood that even though I am only at the very beginning of the beginning, I think that is truly exciting! As is often said, “The destination is the journey itself”!


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